Our Story

Put together 5 women: different characters, immense professionalism, passion and drive.The desire to share the common project of BB4Kids was born out of this alliance of different personalities and needs.

BB4Kids is a website that gathers family friendly accommodation that are authentic, well maintained and well equipped so that everyone, both young and old, will feel at home.

Indeed, the first clients to have used the accommodation were in fact ourselves. We are mothers who love travelling and know exactly what it means to travel with children. We know what we would like to find in our accommodation so that our holiday can be considered a great travel experience. And we would like to share our experience with you, with other families like ourselves. Would you like to go on a nice holiday with your children? Yes! Through us your holiday is ready and served.



Roman, graduate in Political Science and mother of two children. The search for finding the perfect place to stay with my family  pushed me to create a child friendly reality! My desire to share this experience in the hotel and accommodation sector is the reason why I joined the BB4Kids project. In BB4Kids I deal with managing accommodation, web marketing and quality control.


Sicilian, graduate in Communication Studies and proud mother of Giorgio and Leonardo. I worked for many years as an Executive Sales Manager in the IT and Web industry. My constant search for finding my true vocation pushed me to change direction; and here I am entering a vibrant new world created by people bursting with passion and creativity, a world where everything revolves around children and their families, a world in which the warmth of a genuine welcome and hospitality warms all those that inhabit it. In BB4Kids I deal with business development, marketing and managing accommodation.


Roman, graduate in Economics and happy mother of an 8 year old boy. After a long career in the finance sector working   for an important Italian firm crunching numbers, numbers and more numbers, I enthusiastically embraced this project because of my love of travelling, because of the people that work here and because of my need to keep moving onwards and upwards. In BB4Kids I deal with administration, reporting and management control.


Originally Venetian but adopted by Rome, graduate in Foreign Languages and Literature, a career in International Business Communication and freelance journalism. There have been many journeys both for work  and pleasure. Mother of two amazing children, my desire to see the world through their eyes led me to join this project. In BB4Kids I deal with communications, web contents and organising events.


From Naples but adopted by Rome, mother of three children. I love travelling with my children and let them discover new countries and cultures. I am now very expert in finding the perfect place to stay with my family and I would like to share this know-how with all the families who desire to live great emotions on holidays.