Our Mission

BB4Kids manages a digital platform of family accommodation with a strong identity and specific purpose:  to transform our guests’ holidays into unique and unforgettable experiences.

The project is based on the concept of being a “Web Concierge”, that can develop solutions according to children’s age ranges.

Our mission is to offer the travelling family added value by strengthening the concept of Customer Value and by doing so transforming a simple holiday rental into a experience of utmost professionalism for the host and maximum hospitality for the family.

Our set objectives with this project are:

  • Transform the existing accommodation from a doit-yourself reality into one of supreme professionalism.
  • To develop in the nonhotel sector a strong identity to target families.
  • To disseminate a selective culture and set of values  in tourist promotions throughout the national territory.
  • To promote communications via social networks  through information technology.
  • To create interactive instruments for the family’s “intelligent” travel within cities, in the spirit of smart city.

To enhance and raise awareness of cities’ archeological sites via itineraries designed for children.