EXPLORA - The Children's Museum of Rome
Evento permanente

EXPLORA – THE CHILDREN’S MUSEUM OF ROME – is the first non-profit and privately owned permanent museum entirely conceived for children, schools and families, open to public since 2001.

Explora is member of Ecsite, the European network of Science Centres and Museums.  The Museum offers children an opportunity to play, experiment and learn in the field as well as occasions for socialization and education; it also promotes the development of children’s cognitive and emotional capacities.

Explora consists of the museum’s exhibit pavilion, a free-access green area which includes a well-equipped playground, a kitchen dedicated to food education workshops, a bookshop, a gift shop, a cafeteria, a restaurant and a parking area.

Explora Mission:

  • to encourage and help the natural desire to learn of every child with stimulating, entertaining proposals for children of all ages;
  • to offer children and parents the opportunity to share this fascinating learning experience. Kids will grow up and parents will go back to their childhood;
  • to provide teachers with new challenging experiences, for non-disciplinary learning, to be followed up by class activities;
  • to attract interest and foster a well-disposed attitude towards culture, cooperation and respect for others and the environment;
  • to let children and adults approach science and research promoting culture knowledge and new technologies.